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Creativity is the driving force for innovation and growth. We endeavour to be your inspiring source for in-depth journalism of the creative community.


gsites74 Ltd is Netherlands’s leading independent media house located in s-Hertogenbosch,, the creative capital of the Netherlands. This creativity manifests itself in the magazine’s quarterly print publication and digital channels – a source of inspiration to its readers that enables them to push their own creative pursuits to greater heights.

gsites74 unparalleled access to forward-thinking trends in fashion, music, art, photography, design, and much more is credited to the deeply established relationship to the creative community that has been nurtured over many years.


We are focused on fostering an engaged community, and we want you to be a part of it.

Address: Windesheimstraat 48
8012 WZ  Zwolle  , Netherlands

Phone: + 31 06-62998443