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DIY Canvas Art Ideas

Nothing adds color and personality to your space quite like a fun piece of wall art. There are so many options, too—think minimalist pieces and funky gallery walls. The perfect piece of wall art for you entirely depends on your own personal style.

You can easily DIY your perfect wall art piece, too. It’s a budget-friendly option that will give you a sense of pride every time you catch a glimpse of it. Plus, you can tailor it to fit your own home decor seamlessly.

The classic medium for DIY wall art is canvas. Head to your local craft store to find one—big or small, it’s up to you—and get to work creating your own DIY wall art masterpiece.

We’ve got some awesome ones headed your way over the next few months as a part of our Small Space Series, where we’re focusing on those hard-to-tackle small spaces, and bring some serious style to them. This week, we’re creating a focal wall with some DIY canvas wall art.

Hanging canvas artwork has never been easier than with these These things are serious game-changers guys– seriously.

Step 1: Wipe your wall clean with rubbing alcohol

Step 2: Separate the strips and prep each Canvas Hanger, following the packaging instructions as you go.

Step 3: Press each Canvas Hanger firmly onto the wall for 30 seconds. Wait 1 hour before hanging your artwork to allow the adhesive to strengthen.

Say goodbye to nails and complicated picture-hanging hardware– these Command™ Canvas Hangers are easy to install and just as easy to remove! Totally renter-friendly! Large Canvas Hangers hold up to 3lbs and Jumbo hold up to 5lbs. Only use one hanger per canvas.

Artwork is super easy to DIY as well, even if you’re not the most artistic person on the block. With some painter’s tape, a brush and paint, you can create an abstract piece of wall art for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy it in a store.

There you have it friends, an easy alternative to hanging canvas artwork that won’t break your budget or your precious walls.