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Entryway Decor and Wallpapered Ceiling

You are not going to believe the difference in the before and after of this space. What started as a dated “lawyer foyer” or two-story entry, turned into a cozy and inviting space.

The first impression I had of the two-story entryway was very positive, but after living in the home through our first Halloween and Christmas, I realized I would strongly prefer a one-story entry. Way more cozy and easier to decorate.

We closed in the second story (the new space we gained in the second floor became this children’s library) and we added cozy decor, like herringbone wood floors, molding details, and a wallpapered ceiling. It is truly my dream room.

This room underwent a big transformation. Below, you can see how it looked the day we moved in. I remember it having a feeling of it being “big” and “nice,” but it lacked personality and style. It took two full years to complete, but I am very proud of the room we created.

I love herringbone wood floors. We added them in the entryway as well as in our main bedroom. The rest of the house is plain white oak that matches. We kept the original front doors and painted them.

I love having a double front door because I keep two matching wreaths on them, swapping them out throughout the seasons.

Our transformation process was slow. I didn’t have a vision for the best way to update this space until living in the home for a full year. I think that for trickier spaces, it is good to give yourself time to think of every possible idea.

If I would have renovated the home before moving in, there is no way we would have closed in the second story, or added the arches to define the three attached living spaces. Some ideas come slowly and it’s worth the extra time.

Here is the view when you walk into our home. I love how the colors play together and the arch gives you a peek into the next room. We splurged for the wood moldings, and I think they make the room much more interesting.

Paint Color Sources:

  • Interior – Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams (my go-to clean, bright white)
  • Outside of Door – Meadow Sage by Sherwin Williams
  • Inside of Door – Pinky Beige by Behr

Our floors are white oak with a soft white wash stain.

My Number One Design Tip:

My number one design tip is to add something vintage to every room, and add something deeply personal. For this room, my personal item is this bowl of photo booth images we’ve collected with our children.