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Fabric Macrame Wall Hanging

Today we are going to go through the whole process of creating a unique fabric macrame wall hanging. There is also a full Youtube video showing the process as well. You can find diagrams of the knots included in this tutorial at the bottom of this blog post. And don‘t forget to sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on all my future tutorials! Let’s get started.


Begin by setting up your supplies on a at surface. Lay your mudcloth out and place your metal triangle on top. Decide how you want the pattern in your unique mudcloth to show up on the surface of the triangle. Leave the edge of the fabric about .” from the bottom of the triangle. Use a light marker to trace the triangle onto the piece of mudcloth.


Cut outside the triangle guide, leaving .” fabric outside the lines to fold over the outside of the metal shape.


Now it’s time to sew your mudcloth onto your triangle. Begin by cutting 5 4” pieces of yarn and use the needle to pierce the fabric and knot the yarn in dierent parts of the shape to hold the fabric in place on the triangle.


Measure 4 feet of yarn and fold it in half. Thread the ends onto your needle. Begin at the bottom right of the triangle and wrap the needle under the metal bar and then through the loop on the fold of the yarn. Use the needle to pierce the fabric from the inside and wrap around the hoop to hold the fabric in place. Hold the fabric snugly as you wrap to keep the fabric tight and even. Continue wrapping the yarn around the fabric and the metal bar.


When you reach the corner of the triangle you can cut any excess fabric o the tip and then fold the fabric tightly around the corner as you wrap the yarn to hold it in place. Keep wrapping, pulling and knotting new lengths of yarn until you finish at the bottom of the triangle. Tie a knot and tuck the tail back through a few wraps of the yarn. You can cut any excess fabric so that it doesn’t show on the bottom, but its’ ne to leave the extra folded yarn inside the triangle.


Hang your triangle onto a nail, so that it lays at on the wall. Cut 18 pieces of rope at 4 feet lengths each and attach them to the bottom bar using the larkshead knot. Fold them in half and loop the fold over the top of the bottom bar and then pull the tails through the loop and pull tight. When you have all 18 lengths attached, you will have 36 separate tails hanging down.


Start on one side, working with six of the knots at a time. Use clove hitch knots to create diagonal lines from the outside toward the center. Begin with the fourth cord from the end and hold it diagonal towards the center of the group of cords. Add two working cords on the right and three working cords on the left, tying the two sides together.


Return to the first side with, the third cord from the end and hold it diagonal towards the center of the group of cords. Use three working cords to tie clove hitch knots. Repeat on the other side, tying the two lead cords together in the center.