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Interior Designers Mood Board Pages



If you plan to start an interior design project, you need an organized place to put in all your visual ideas and design concepts. You want a well-laid-out standalone space to conceive your ideas. You want a book where you can develop your ideas and create mood pages for individual projects



 You require a journal to record and document descriptive notes/statements explaining your thought process and how you arrived at a final design. All these features and more can be found in this organized portfolio book for interior design projects, Interior Designers Mood Board Pages. It is a portfolio-style book created specifically for interior designers, realtors, and interior architects, by a professional interior designer who recognizes these needs. Its features include: Client and project detail pages with title blocks. Project brief pages. Double-spread mood pages with side note sections. An organized layout of individual project subdivisions. Test-your-colours pages. Drawing pages with side note sections. Attractive interior design-themed cover. High-quality interior pages with color.  And more. Write down what inspires your design ideas. Add visual images, hand sketch ideas, and develop your color schemes. Include flooring samples, fabric swatches and textures. Include whatever you plan to use for each project. Make it a design portfolio for client projects, school assignments, or project management tasks. Build a library/collection of all your interior design projects, beginning with this book. Remember that computers can crash, so it is best to look beyond digital design vision boards and get a physical book instead. With physical workbooks like this, you can see, touch, and feel the interior space and get quick positive responses which will help speed up sign-offs.