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My Book Of Art & Carft



Whether it is in school or at home, the little minds love to cut and paste various objects to create an unique drawing. They love to do this art and craft exercise and thus, learn many things. The little artists will find My Book of Art & Craft Part – 1 to be engaging, fun and creative as it has different entertaining activities.



Discover the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of early learners with ‘My Book of Art and Craft’. From making a paper boat to an aeroplane, this book is designed to provide hours of educational fun to children.

• Ideal for ages 4-10

• Educative and entertaining activities

• 40 pages

• Colourful presentation

• Easy understanding

An easy reference of a number of helpful tools such as craft paper, glue, scissors, glazed paper, and more this valuable book will help little hands explore a variety of objects. It will also help them build their creative and motor skills while spending meaningful time creating their masterpieces