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Vegan Fast Food



If you’re a vegan who’s missing your favorite drive-through, diner, or dive, look no further! In Vegan Fast Food, Brian Watson, AKA Thee Burger Dude, delivers vegan takes that are just as good as you remember-maybe even better.



Vegan fast food has become increasingly popular as more people embrace plant-based diets and seek convenient dining options. Many fast food chains now offer vegan menu items or have options that can be customized to be vegan-friendly. Here are some examples of vegan fast food options:

  1. Veggie Burgers: Several fast food chains offer plant-based burger options. For instance, Burger King has the “Impossible Whopper” or “Rebel Whopper” (depending on the region), which can be ordered without mayonnaise or cheese to make it vegan. McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., and White Castle also have vegan burger options in select locations.
  2. Veggie Wraps and Sandwiches: Fast food chains often have wraps or sandwiches that can be made vegan by removing non-vegan ingredients such as meat, cheese, and sauces. Subway, for example, has a Veggie Delite sub that can be customized with a variety of vegetables, and they offer vegan bread options.