The Australian fashion trends for summer 2019

The Australian fashion trends for summer 2019

Predicting fashion trends is never easy, but here are a few styles that will grace Australian streets this summer.
The northern hemisphere summer is over for another year and it is time for Australia’s summer fashionables to step forward. Europe and New York are always good indicators of what will be big and this year is no different.

Fashionable flip flops

Flip flops… thongs… whatever you call them, they’re back on all the fashionistas’ feet this summer. For many Australians, they’ve never gone out of style but this summer the humble rubber thong is going glam. Havaianas are a perennial favourite, but this season you’ll find slip-on footwear by Michael Kors, Helmut Lang, Isabel Marant, Giuseppe Zanotti, and many of the famous fashion houses. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, flip flops are the footwear for the 2019 summer.

Lingerie dresses

More than stepping out in your undies, a lingerie dress has become the fashion statement du jour for stars around the world. Adding some stylish and sexy plus size hosiery can take the dress from something that looks like it is reserved for the bedroom to something you can wear to dinner, out dancing and anywhere you want to look elegant and on point.


The humble snakeskin made a big comeback this year. Where it was once about a rare animal skin, it is now about stylised prints on a range of different fabrics. From belts and jackets with intricate snake pattern designs to trousers and shirts, bold, eye-catching colours are de rigueur this summer.

Tailored jumpsuits

The stylish, grown-up sister of the romper, tailored jumpsuits exude class and sophistication. Perfect for maintaining your stylish silhouette while keeping your cool, the loose, flowing lines ensure your look never compromises on comfort and will be on trend all summer long. Pair with straw hats and neck scarves for a little French chic and you’re set for whatever events you have to look forward to during the party season.


Channel your inner Jackie Onassis with a paparazzi shielding headscarf this summer. Gucci, Valentino, Missoni and the major fashion houses are all embracing its return, making it the perfect time to find a stylish accessory that is also ideal for protecting your face from the sun. Available in a range of patterns and prints, a headscarf offers a glimpse into the simple elegance of the 60s.


The ultimate summer accessory, sunglasses are always a trend people love to experiment with. This season, there is no one shape or colour that is predicted to be the big one, however Wayfarers from the petrol station won’t be high on the list of the fashion-forward this summer. What can be predicted is the bolder the better. From futuristic styles that resemble ski goggles to visually dramatic shapes, your sunglasses can truly define your look. Colour-wise, baby pinks and forest greens are going to be popular, while black and white contrasts will also be a part of the summer fashion scene.